The Steampunk Symposium started in April 2012 and has grown by leaps and bounds each year ever since. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio it is perfectly placed for central access from all over the United States, and many cross state borders and international borders for this annual gathering of ladies and gentlemen who commonly enjoy reenacting the future that never was!

Voted the Best Steampunk Convention in the Midwest, this three day festival offers all that you would expect from a fandom convention such as panels, workshops, guest speakers, vendors, music, dancing, and parties, but there’s even more.

The signature event of the Symposium is the Symposium Olympiad in which Airships and Steampunk Groups from various cities come together to compete against each other in “gentlemanly” and somewhat “eccentric and extreme” games such as Tea Dueling, “Penny-Farthing” races, and the delightful RC Dirigible races which originated at the Symposium in 2012 and is now seen at various other Steampunk events.

Since 2014, the Symposium has been partnered with the charity NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) because as we like to say of Steampunks “some of us choose to be eccentric, and some of us were just born this way.” To help NAMI in their work to increase awareness and stop the stigma of mental illness, the Steampunk Olympiad and various other events are an opportunity to help us raise funds for this charity that improves and saves lives.

Between the games, bands, sports, presentations, contests, workshops, exhibitors, parties, and so much more, we often hear that there is too much to do. Whatever attractions you choose to attend, you will discover that the Steampunk Symposium is an interactive weekend with some of the friendliest ladies and chaps that you shall ever meet.

International Steampunk Symposium from Vaude International Pictures on Vimeo.

Past Symposiums

Click Cover for PDF of Program Book
2019 “Steamtastic Beasts”
2018 “Super Heroes & Villains”
2017 “30 Years of Steampunk”
2016 “Adventures in Wonderland”
2015 “Around the World in 80 Days”
2014 “Steam Wars” (book not available)
2013 “Return of the Symposium”
2012 “Inaugural Year”