Symposium Mystery Adventure

For 2020, the Symposium offers a weekend long mystery that needs to solved . . .

Can You Solve the Mystery?

We can’t give details of the story at this time, but we can share the basic outline of what to expect.

During Opening Ceremonies a mystery will be revealed, and for those willing to take on the role of investigator a series of puzzles and clues will lead you through adventure to solve the mystery.

Most of the detective work will occur on the Saturday of the convention in a series of chapters that take you deeper and deeper into the storyline. Some clues will be posted throughout the convention space, and some clues will lead you find a variety of characters from whom you will get even more clues to help you move toward the right answers.

Saturday night, and Sunday morning, investigators can submit their findings to the Arbiter (Games Master). Investigators with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win a weekend badge to the 2021 Symposium, and will be invited to come up on the stage during Closing Ceremonies to reveal the answers to the mystery.

What is needed to play?

A series of clues will lead you around the Symposium hotel, but to read the clues you will need a smart phone with a QR Code Reader app and internet access.

Some clues will be in plain sight, some will require a password, and some will require interviewing suspects and witnesses, but all of the clues will require you to scan a QR code. This scan will lead you to an online page that contains the information needed to move your investigation forward.

Periodically you can check in with The Arbiter throughout the weekend, but once you have solved the mystery you must submit the results of your investigation to him.

At 9PM on Friday, March 27th, 2020, you can click on the image below to open the seal and begin your investigation . . .