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What is Steampunk?

Put simply “Steampunk” is “Victorian science fiction,” but it encompasses so much more than that. In the last decade Steampunk has evolved into a complex community of artists, engineers, writers, musicians, and more; what started as a fringe group has become increasingly popular and makes its way into much mainstream media. As an event, it is fair to say that Steampunk is the new renaissance festival, but instead of knights and jesters we encounter top hats, bustles, and eccentric inventors.

What is the Symposium?

The International Steampunk Symposium is an annual three day festival in Cincinnati, Ohio during the last weekend of April that began in 2012. On average the show grows by 15% each year, and for 2020 looks set for about 1,500 attendees. For the last few years the Symposium has sold out its host hotels about ten months before the actual event.

The weekend’s programming includes music, dance, and other entertainment performances, exhibits and displays of art, costumes, and props, workshops on a variety of things ranging from dancing to stage combat, over 100 hours of speaker sessions on Steampunk and Victorian topics, antique car show, and many more things, but the signature event is the Steampunk Olympiad.

The Steampunk Olympiad bring various groups from various cities across the midwest and further coming together to compete in eccentric and somewhat extreme sports and contests. Duelist shoot it out with foam darts, racers speed around the arena on “penny farthings” that are actually ridiculously small children’s tricycles, contestants compete in games of bocce ball and Tea Dueling, and so much more, but the main event is the Dirigible Races. Airships are iconic of the Steampunk Community and the Symposium was the first to introduce the sport of racing remote controlled blimps across the skies of the conference halls, and since 2012 many similar conventions have adopted this popular event.

Why would you wish to sponsor the Symposium?

The International Steampunk Symposium has been voted the best Steampunk convention in the Midwest, and has received awards and accolades from various Steampunk publications and organizations. Within the Steampunk Community, the Symposium has become known as a “must see” show and is known internationally. With the growing popularity of Steampunk, businesses are reaching a solid audience by being a part of this elegant aesthetic, and rather than creating some mild approximation of Steampunk, the Symposium invites you to a be a part of the authentic Steampunk experience.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please email CarabasEvents@gmail.com