Steampunk Olympiad

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The Steampunk Olympiad

The Steampunk Olympiad is the signature event of the Steampunk Symposium in which airships and individuals from all across the country, and further, come together to compete in a series of eccentric contests. The Olympiad is our primary fundraiser for charity partner NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness).

To better organize the Olympiad, and make it more inclusive for Symposium attendees, we have been working with the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio Steampunk Societies to move the contest to the next level . . . in which neighboring states are now battling each other in friendly competition!

Local Airships of each state have the opportunity to unite under the banner of its Fleet, and each state will have its Admiral of the Fleet, recognized by the Steampunk Symposium as the rallying leader for the weekend of the convention. We have the initial details of the Admirals for the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio Fleets, and we look forward to adding more as we hear back from other nearby states.

The actual running of the Steampunk Olympiad will remain pretty much the same. Individuals wanting to enter a contest make a donation to our charity partner NAMI to register for the event. The point system remains the same with winners having the opportunity to collect points for their Airship, but in addition to this we shall be keeping track of points for Fleets as well. Individuals will still be able to win prizes (and glory) in the games, but the big contest will be to see which Fleet earns the most points over the weekend.

The 2022 Games

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Individual Contestants

Anyone may enter a Steampunk Olympiad contest by registering at the NAMI table near the arena. To enter an individual event, we ask that each registrant make a $5 (or more) charitable donation per event; this money is handled by and goes directly to our partner NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

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