We are excited to bring you our entertainment line up for Symposium 2022 which will play throughout the weekend on the Main Stage in the Ferrera hall. Please see the Symposium Schedule for performance times.


Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and beats, her music is a darkly futuristic homage to her classical training. Her song “The Heroine” was the weather in Welcome to Night Vale’s “Triptych” episode. Vintage Tomorrows, a feature documentary about steampunk, includes that song and other footage of Unwoman.

The Nülydedz

The Nülydedz were formed in July 2011 after four deceased friends, who were also seasoned musicians, decided there was more to the afterlife than just eating brains. Since then, this high energy Zombie Rockabilly band has become a staplithLouisville (KY) music scenePlaying conventions, cashows, sucas; Beatersvilland The Evil Shindig, and beinonothfeaturebandathannuaLouisville ZombiWalk. 

Scott Helland Guitarmy of One(ness)

Scott Helland Guitarmy of One(ness): “Former punk bassist turned Instrumental songwriter, Scott Helland, has created a musical world of his own influenced by movie soundtracks, punk rock and eastern european guitar styles. He utilizes the loop pedal and an array of guitar effect pedals with a proficiency that’s earthy, visceral and superbly crafted.” “Helland is yet another accomplished ex-punk who has made the striking transition to atmospheric soundtracks.” (Jack Rabid, BigTakeOver).

Madame Gigi’s Outrageous French Can Can Dancers

To describe the French Cancan is like trying to describe champagne – bubbly, flirtatious and sexy are just three of the words you can use, but in the end, it simply defies explanation – it has to be experienced!

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The 1936 North American Heat Wave

The band in their own words . . .

3 Gentlemen came to together a long time ago and shared the desire to entertain. However, they couldn’t decide which instruments they wanted to play in T1936NAHW . . . so they said,”let’s all play them all.”

Eric McM

“Don’t miss Eric McM’s triumphant return to the Symposium! Along with the rest of his cohorts in the Ford Theatre Reunion, Eric was a part of the first FOUR Steampunk Symposiums. And now, after far too many years away, he is BACK; full….steam….ahead, with a brand new presentation of one-man string-slappin’, accordion-stompin’, vocal-growlin’ shanties and dirges sure to delight and disturb!”

DJ Verminoid

DJ Verminoid is a member of the Speakeasy Electroswing network, and spearheads Electro Swing Louisville, the only recurring Electro Swing event in Louisville history. He has organized and performed at parties of multiple genres around Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati, and has shared a stage with many regional and national DJs like Vourteque, Glitch Gatsby, Doctor Q, Sideshow, Stephen29, Count Grozny, Sodom, DJ Sketch, DJ Mudd and Silikon, and has done tons of regular work with Shawna the Dead, the Kalashnikov Clowns, Market for Mischief, and many other Louisville area promoters and performers from the Burlesque, Drag and Vaudeville scene.

Please note that the Entertainment program is subject to change between now and March 2022.

If you would have a performance act that you would like to be considered for the next Steampunk Symposium, please submit a proposal via our Presenter Form.