Symposium Gaming Room

The Steampunk Symposium has partnered with Darkhold Games and Ice & Dice to provide attendees with a weekend’s worth of table top gaming and RPGs in the Sicily room.

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The Gaming Room will offer a mix of organized gaming sessions for sign-ups, and tables for “drop in and play” from the gaming library.

Below is the list of games scheduled for Symposium 2020


  • 4PM – 6:30PM Open Gaming
  • 4PM – Steampunk Beatdown (3 hour session)
  • 4PM – Gunfights & Gamblin’
  • 5PM – Guillotine
  • 6PM – Dastardly Dirigibles (board game)
  • 7PM – 8PM Closed for Opening Ceremonies
  • 8PM – 10PM Open Gaming
  • 8PM – Magic Draft ($14)
  • 8PM –Steampunk Beatdown
  • 8PM –  Rise of Moloch
  • 10PM – Cards Against Humanity



10AM to 3PM Open Gaming

10AM – Deadlands RPG “Black Rain in Blackwater”

11AM – Steampunk Beatdown (3 hour session)

11AM – Modern D20 – Zombie Apocalypse

12PM – Dungeon Mayhem

12:30PM – Gunfights & Gamblin’

If you would like to join our team of Games Masters for Symposium 2021, please submit a proposal with our Presenter Application Form.