Deadlands RPG “Black Rain in Blackwater”

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Investigate the weird of a frontier town in the savage world of Deadlands.

Games Master – Zach Icardi.

It’s been along month chasing monsters through the Arizona desert, the rations are empty and water skins dry, it’s time to go home. Luckily you and the team stumble into a little frontier town. But things are not as they seam, there’s something in the water.

Find out more by joining the team for a Savage Worlds Deadlands adventure full of mystery, conflict and of course steampunk shenanigans.

4 to 6 Players – Sign ups available in the Gaming Room at Sicily.

Zach Icardi is an avid role player and steam punk enthusiast. He has been playing role playing games since he was 10 years old and has been running games as a game master for eight years. He has been coming to the Steampunk Symposium for three years but has loved the steampunk genre for years.



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