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Steampunk Symposium 2020 was originally scheduled for March 27th to 29th, 2020, but on March 12th, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared a ban on events involving more than 100 people. As a result of these circumstances the Steampunk Symposium has rescheduled the convention to August 28th to 30th, 2020. We ask that people please be patient and understanding with the Symposium as we navigate all the changes that need to be made in these unprecedented circumstances.


Unless otherwise requested, all tickets pre-purchased for Steampunk Symposium 2020 will automatically roll over to the new dates in August.

For those unable to attend the Symposium in August we have a few other transfer options available:

1. Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2021 (April 23rd to 25th, 2021)
With the recent changes, the Symposium’s sister convention in Chicago is now going to be held in April 2021, and tickets from Symposium 2020 are transferable to this show. Please visit ChicagoSteampunkExpo.com to learn more about this weekend.

2. Steampunk Symposium 2021 (August 20th to 22nd, 2021)
With the Symposium moving to August this year, for planning purposes it has been decided that August is now the new month of the convention. Tickets from Symposium 2020 are transferable to Symposium 2021.

3. Transfer to Another Person
If you are unable to attend either Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2021 or Steampunk Symposium 2021, it is possible to transfer your ticket(s) to another person. This option allows a transfer to Symposium 2020, Exposition 2021, or Symposium 2021.

Ticket Transfer requests should be emailed to Admin@CarabasEvents.com with the subject heading of “Symposium Transfer” and also the Order Number (e.g.: Symposium Transfer Order #41138). In your email please be clear as to which of the three available transfer options you would like to request.


Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate refunds for pre-purchased tickets or merchandise. The Symposium, and most small conventions, rely on pre-sales to raise the funds with which to cover the costs that go into the show’s preparation. Being only two weeks before the originally scheduled dates when the order came in from the Governor of Ohio, the vast majority of funds had already been spent on the meeting space, printing costs, marketing, AV equipment, performer fees, signage, travel expenses, and other materials needed to run the convention. Even with the postponement, the disruption has lost the Symposium thousands of dollars. Some attendees will be frustrated by this, but we hope that most will understand and appreciate the situation that the Symposium was thrust into with the international COVID-19 pandemic, and the State of Ohio’s mandate on public gatherings.


Pre-purchased T-shirts and pins will be available for collection at the Symposium in August, however, if you are unable to attend in August, and are unable to have someone pick up your merchandise for you, arrangements can be made for your merchandise to be mailed to you. Unfortunately mailing fees were not included in the initial cost of pre-purchase merchandise, so a mailing and handling fee calculated on the distance of the delivery will be required.

Merchandise mailing requests should be emailed to Admin@CarabasEvents.com with the subject heading of “Symposium Merchandise” and also the Order Number (e.g.: Symposium Merchandise Order #42789).

Hotel Rooms

The Holiday Inn Eastgate has cancelled all room bookings associated with the original Symposium dates, and currently is taking bookings for the new August dates. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.

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