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The Symposium Tea Stroll is a favorite special event for many Symposium attendees, and is a fabulous way to kick off the Symposium’s weekend full of activities and delights! The Tea Stroll runs from 4PM to 6PM on Friday, and features about a dozen tables hosted by various airships and Steampunk organizations offering tea and drinks, cookies and snacks, and pleasant conversation to welcome attendees to a weekend of Steampunk fun. Participation is open to all, and we invite your Steampunk organization to run a table and promote your group.

The Symposium Tea Stroll began at the 2014 Steampunk Symposium, and was the cherished project of Tea Wispfaerie who also organized tea strolls for the 2015 and 2016 Symposiums. In April 2017 the torch, or perhaps rather the teapot, was handed from Tea Wispfaerie to Star Joens who was an active assistant with the previous tea strolls, but now is the proud Tea Mistress of the Symposium.

Host a Tea Table!

If you are interested in running a Tea Table, here are the basic guidelines from Star Joens on how to get involved:

  • Tables must include snacks and nonalcoholic beverages.
  • Tables do not have to be affiliated with a specific airship, for instance there can be an authors’s table or a teen table.
  • Table theme must have a steampunk aspect, not necessarily a specific “type” of steampunk.
  • Information must be given as to the needs of the table. Do you need hot water? Cold water? (There are no electrical outlets.) Volunteers needed etc.
  • Volunteers will not be assigned by the Symposium. They must come from the table “owners.”
  • Is your table friendly to the dietary needs of special groups? Gluten free? Peanut Free? Diabetic friendly? Coffee friendly? etc.
  • Table theme, affiliation (or lack thereof in case of teen table etc), number of volunteers at each table and requirements of the table MUST be communicated by MARCH 14th AT THE LATEST.
  • Star can be reached through Facebook at www.facebook.com/fallenmacleod or email starjoens@outlook.com.

We look forward to seeing the creativity and elegance of this year’s Symposium Tea Stroll, and even more we look forward to your fine teas and delicious snacks 🙂

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