Teapot Racing

Use your remote controlled teapot to get to the tea party on time. But BEWARE, there are obstacles in the way, so your racer must be prepared to navigate and handle well. If you handle your racer poorly, you could end up with a broken teapot! The course will contain a number of hazards that […]

Bocce Ball

There are many versions of the rules for Bocce, some that are very complicated and specific, and some that are simpler for those who just like to play. Because of time constraints and space limitations, we’ve chosen a simpler set of the rules for use at the Steampunk Olympics. We will set up two Bocce […]

Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire

  Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire – One of the world’s premier purveyors of Steampunk Chap Hop. What is Chap Hop? Imagine rap music, were it written and performed by an upper-class British twit. In Sir Reginald’s case, he combines the rhymes, delivered in Received Pronunciation, with the sounds of the Victorian music-hall, Barbershop quartets, and instruments […]

DJ Vourteque

  DJ Vourteque is one of America’s top electro swing and neo-vintage DJs. Musician, producer, remix artist, DJ, carny and ringmaster – Vourteque entertains and wows crowd from Los Angeles to New York. He’s one of the minds behind the midwest’s Rouge! neo-vintage dance parties that have featured guests such as Dutty Moonshine, Good Co., Kiwistar, […]


  AUTOMATON is Cincinnati’s own Steampunk metal band. The musicians are characters who prepare for conflict in an aggressive new wave of traditional metal sound mixed with folk and power metal spirit. They bring a large-scale rock show complete with storytelling, humor, costume, debauchery, and catchy melodies that welcome the most staunch metalheads as well as […]

V is for Villains

  V is for Villains – Well known for their recent viral video release of “Pink Elephants on Parade”, they are a super-villain attired electronic industrial rock band and a fan favorite at major venues and conventions across the country. V is for Villains, is led by front man and lead vocalist Mr. Agitator, and is joined […]

Opening Ceremonies

Emilie P Bush hosts the Opening Ceremonies that mark the official start of the 2018 International Steampunk Symposium. Leanna Renee Hieber introduces the line up of guest authors. Peter Beerslayer and Don Dodson III introduce the line up of challenges in the 2018 Steampunk Olympiad, and our charity partner NAMI. Travis Fessler introduces the Symposium Entertainment […]