Steampunk Olympiad: Steampunk Rodeo

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So you wanna be a cowboy baby? Then let’s see if you have what it takes! The rodeo is designed to test a cowboys skills and determine who is the fastest, most able bodied man, woman, or person in the west.

Presented by Airship Caduceus
Moderated by Don Dodson III & Peter B Slayer.


Anyone is able to participate in the competition, whether associated with an airship or not, and teams must have no more or less than 3 members. If your team is not part of an airship, one of the competing airships may try and convince you to join afterwards, and therefore earn your points. If the winners are not part of an airship and are not convinced to join one, the points go unawarded. Airships will have until the end of the final game on Sunday at the convention to claim an unaffiliated winner. The winner must announce his decision to join an airship, in person, to an Olympiad official before that time.

Equipment Needed:

  • A Stick Horse (this can be bought or crafted)
  • A Nerf gun with six shots. (this can be stock or modified)
    There is already a design competition for guns at the nerf duel. You will need to have a matched set if you want to compete in that competition.
  • A Teacup

Relay Rules:

  • Stick Horse Regulations
    • Can be bought or crafted
    • The stick, excluding the head, should be between 24” and 36” long 
    • should be only slightly thicker than the width of a Thumb
    • must be inspected by officials prior to use
      • Officials may approve horses slightly outside of required dimensions
  • Contestants must have ALL of the needed equipment.
  • Team members awaiting their turn must remain at the starting line.
  • The event is a relay, and the next team member cannot start until they have been passed the Tea Cup.
  • The current team member may not pass the tea cup until past the starting line.
  • Stick Horses must be held by the stick, below the head.
  • A barrel course will be laid out, and will consist of two barrels, the closest to the start point will be designated as Barrel A, while the further will be designated Barrel B.
  • The first team member will go around the far side of Barrel A, between the barrels, around Barrel B, between the barrels, around A, proceed to Barrel B, circling it 1 time, circle Barrel A 1 time, going around, not circling, Barrel B, then back to the start position to pass the Tea Cup.
  • The Next member will proceed to the Lasso Station, where they will have to Successfully land a “Lasso” around each of the steer’s two horns. Once complete, they can return to the start line
  • The final member will proceed to the shooting gallery and must knock down 3 cans using no more than six shots.
  • Once all six shots are fired, or the cans are knocked down, he can return to the finish line.
  • The event is timed, from the moment the first team member crosses the start line until the last team member crosses the finish line.
  • An overall score will be given based on Time and Successful completion of each task. Bonus points can be earned for exceptional time, exceptional skill, Flare/Theatrics, and tea remaining. Points can be deducted for failing to complete a task, vexing the judges, boring the judges, damage to the course, etc.
  • Stick Horses must be crafted and used in order to qualify for bonus points.
  • Each Stick Horse may only earn 1 set of bonus points.

Victory Points for the Rodeo:

  • 1st Place – 30 Points
  • 2nd Place – 20 Points
  • 3rd Place – 10 Points

Bonus Points:

  • Best Designed Stick Horse – 10 Points
  • Most Steampunk Stick Horse – 10 Points

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