Steampunk Olympics 2017 – HMAS Dauntless

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HMAS Dauntless hails from Columbus, Ohio, and is a group of fine ladies and gents with talent in both building and costuming and great senses of humor. You can’t hang around this group for long without laughter happening!


The Dauntless has entered the Symposium Games in years past, putting in a solid effort, with wins in bocce and a spectacular show in tea dueling. These good skills did not, however, garner them an overall win in the games. But this year, friends, be prepared for a fantastic show of skill as these shipmates go full on to glory in the games!


If you are crew member or passenger with the HMAS Dauntless, or wish to support them, use the discount code DAUNTLESS to save 10% off weekend tickets and earn points for this team.


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