Steampunk Beatdown

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Steampunk miniatures game combined with a bit or resource partitioning, luck, and a whole lot of steam-powered fighting!

Games Master – Alex Ford & Lisa Ford.

It’s last man standing in this steampunk themed, skirmish level war game! Players control Tinkers out to collect parts and build themselves some weapons, armor, or their very own army of robots. But the town isn’t big enough for all of you and the others must go!

Game play involves strategy, resource management and a bit of luck.

2 to 4 Players – Sign ups available in the Gaming Room at Sicily.

Alex Ford and his wife Lisa have been designing and hosting games at conventions for over a decade. They have created more than a dozen miniature and board games for kids and adults. Alex has been an active member of the National Community of Gamers since the creation of the club in 2006 and is currently the acting president. They bring their love of gaming and steampunk to entertain and challenge players of all ages.


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