The Nülydedz

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There will be a wide variety of music and entertainment at the 2022 Symposium, and we are excited to make our first announcement regarding the line up. Those of you who attended the 2018 Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade will remember The Nülydedz, and how this group of zombies rocked the stage; we are thrilled (and shudder with fright) to be bringing them back from the dead to perform at the Steampunk Symposium in March 2022!

The Nülydedz were formed in July 2011 after four deceased friends, who were also seasoned musicians, decided there was more to the afterlife than just eating brains. Since then, this high energy Zombie Rockabilly band has become a staplithLouisville (KY) music scenePlaying conventions, cashows, sucas; Beatersvilland The Evil Shindig, and beinonothfeaturebandathannuaLouisville ZombiWalk.