51 Weeks Until Symposium 2020

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Last weekend was Symposium 2019, and thank you to all the attendees, presenters, performers, exhibitors, vendors, and volunteers who made it yet another fantastic weekend of Steampunk enjoyment! We had a wonderful time at the Holiday Inn Eastgate and will be returning there for March 27th to 29th, 2020. Next year we set the controls on our time traveling hotel to leave the 1920’s behind and visit to the 1880’s, landing in the shadows of the Old West . . . a dimension often referred to as the Weird West!

Guest of Honor – Brett King

Brett King is no stranger to the Steampunk Symposium and has presented many panels over the years, and for 2020 we shall be hosting him as our Maker Guest of Honor. Brett is an award-winning steampunk maker and costumer from North Carolina who appears at steampunk and maker events around the country. He works in diverse media, including drawing, painting, sculpting, found-objects, kinetic art, and costuming.

One common thread in Brett’s art is storytelling. He is always trying to connect with his audience, and much of his work is interactive. Steampunk lends itself particularly well to interactive storytelling, and it is his favorite genre. Brett developed his love of storytelling through many years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and it continues to have an influence on his work.

When he isn’t creating his own art, Brett is busy thinking of new ways to bring interesting, creative people together. He has helped organize many conventions, and he founded AutomataCon, the first convention for automata artists and enthusiasts, which he hosts every other year in New Jersey.

Music from the Nülydedz

There will be a wide variety of music and entertainment at the 2020 Symposium, and we are excited to make our first announcement regarding the line up. Those of you who attended the 2018 Cincinnati Halloween Masquerade will remember The Nülydedz, and how this group of zombies rocked the stage; we are thrilled (and shudder with fright) to be bringing them back from the dead to perform at the Steampunk Symposium in March 2020!

The Nülydedz were formed in July 2011 after four deceased friends, who were also seasoned musicians, decided there was more to the afterlife than just eating brains. Since then, this high energy Zombie Rockabilly band has become a staplithLouisville (KY) music scenePlaying conventions, cashows, sucas; Beatersvilland The Evil Shindig, and beinonothfeaturebandathannuaLouisville ZombiWalk. 

Hotel Block

Next weekend the Symposium 2020 Hotel Block opens up for booking, and like 2019 there are different options available for those staying at the host hotel. There will be the popular Noise Friendly block for those who like to party, the Quiet block for those who need it, and the Regular block for everyone else in between. Vendors, please note that there is a separate block for exhibitors to which rooms become available after vendor confirmation of being at Symposium 2020.

Rooms start at $95/night (plus tax & fees) for doubles and kings, and there are a range of suites available from $139/night (plus tax & fees) to $190/night (plus tax & fees).

The soonest the hotel system can start taking bookings is 50 weeks out from the show, so we will publish booking details next Friday.


We are currently working on changing our ticketing system, so at this time pre-reg for Symposium 2020 is not yet open . . . but when it does open later this month there will be a special offer for the first week that it is available 😉