Brett King – Guest of Honor

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Brett King is no stranger to the Steampunk Symposium and has presented many panels over the years, and for 2020 we shall be hosting him as our Maker Guest of Honor. Brett is an award-winning steampunk maker and costumer from North Carolina who appears at steampunk and maker events around the country. He works in diverse media, including drawing, painting, sculpting, found-objects, kinetic art, and costuming.

One common thread in Brett’s art is storytelling. He is always trying to connect with his audience, and much of his work is interactive. Steampunk lends itself particularly well to interactive storytelling, and it is his favorite genre. Brett developed his love of storytelling through many years of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and it continues to have an influence on his work.

When he isn’t creating his own art, Brett is busy thinking of new ways to bring interesting, creative people together. He has helped organize many conventions, and he founded AutomataCon, the first convention for automata artists and enthusiasts, which he hosts every other year in New Jersey.

Brett will be giving the following presentations at Steampunk Symposium 2020: