The Art of Single-Stick Fencing (18+)

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program invites you to a practical introduction to fighting with a single-stick, including its origins and history.

Presented by Nathan Shrider.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fight with a sword? Does the idea of swash-buckling really swash your buckle? Single-Stick is the place to start.

This seminar will cover the origins, history, and basics of fighting with a single-stick, a traditional training method for learning sword-play and safely dueling with opponents!

Nathan Shrider is a lifelong fan of fantasy, horror stories, and history. While leading a double life as a mild mannered social studies teacher and defender of The Realms, he has studied topics ranging from the history of American comics to the building and operation of siege weaponry. He is also a practitioner of Historic European Martial Arts, and was one of the first members of the Toledo Historic Swordsmanship Society to earn the prestigious club rank of Kraken.

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