Scientist and Swindlers: Con Artist Guide to Riches

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program presents a historical study of the con artist who made the west their canvas and stage.

Presented by Andre M. Mahdi.

Grab your wits about you, we are gonna delve into the history of the old west con artist and their attempts to make it rich out in the wild west. From simple fake diamond schemes to cheating the government out of millions, we’ll explore who they were, what there plan was, and ultimately how it all came together, or in some cases fell apart. Join us for a quick dip in schemes and villainy that were brought to the new and open frontier.

Andre M. Mahdi is, was, and always will be an aficionado for the strange and weird. An avid history buff, who presented at conventions speaking about the historical past and ramifications of coal, the great inventor Nikola Tesla, the science behind magic, the effects of industrialization on the global scale, the history of steampunk from literature perspective, and other varied topics across his almost eight years of convention experience. If you’re ever bored asked him which was his favorite, and he could probably recommend a litany of books on the topic. He has a deep love of research and presenting a less biased, energetic and thoughtful piece. Armed with a library card, an ever growing personal library, and a need to find out why, he is bringing all he knows and has to you.

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