Rise of Moloch

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The 2020 Symposium Program invites to play the best Steampunk board game that we’ve ever played.

Presented by Kevin Wing.

The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch is a Victorian adventure board game, for 2 to 5 players, set in an alternate England, where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn. Playable as a campaign or solo adventures, Rise of Moloch puts one player in the position of the Nemesis, against the intrepid Gentlemen controlled by the other players trying to save the Crown. Secretly activate the order of your characters through different scenarios, enjoy your steam power weapons, and save your special actions for the most opportune moments – you surely don’t want to make your opponent stronger!

2 to 5 Players – Sign ups available in the Gaming Room at Sicily.

Kevin Wing is known in local Steampunk circles as “No, The OTHER one with the British accent.” Typically he appears as pictured, or may be dressed as a gorilla. An enthusiastic tabletop gamer for several years, Kevin has run games and gaming rooms at the Symposium for some time now.



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