Building Metal Ray-Guns from Thrift Store Finds

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Former Kenner toy maker teaches how to build realistic ray guns and accessories from thrift-store metal parts.

Presented by Larry Brown.

Tired of plastic? Learn to build very realistic (and scary) weapons of all types, including handguns, wrist guns, and goggles, using brass and metal parts found in thrift stores, and using simple hand drills and a few nuts and bolts and glue. Course taught by a former Kenner toy maker specializing in Star Wars toys.

Larry Brown built Star Wars toys for Kenner for many years, including many of the vehicles and weapons. He has crafted other items over the years including functioning telescopes and playable musical instruments. The emphasis on this workshop will be easy-to-assemble ray guns and other accessories made almost entirely of metal from thrift-store items. Metal parts add an element of realism that is much more difficult to obtain from painted plastic. (Larry presents this workshop in the persona of Dr. Brown from Back To the Future, a character he nails perfectly.)

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