Tipsy DnD

79th reason to come to The International Steampunk Symposium: Tipsy DnD!

Watch our esteemed party of Steampunks become less so as they blunder their way through an interactive live play game with Drinking and Dragons. Audience members will help control the action.

Special Guest Brett King will be out Dungeon Master and Sara Camarata of Calamity Labs will be our Drinking Master; mixing up the elixirs to help, or hinder, our travelers as they adventure through a quest specially prepared for Symposium.

Since spectator space will be limited, there will be a live Facebook Event so people who cannot attend will still be able to watch the hilarity and adventures!

This event will be held Friday night in the Baker's Suite at 9:30 pm! A sign up sheet will be available at the table by registration in the hotel atrium. First come, first serve to reserve your spot!