Our Symposium PIN!

I seldom see Steampunks in t-shirts, but I often see them with pins, badges and amazing bling!

So, let me present this years International Steampunk Symposium pin!

Your Symposium Captain has a penchant for tentacles as her shoulder cephalopod Ocatvious has been her friend and loyal companion for years. So, what better way to welcome you to our Circus than a beckoning tentacle from a friendly octopus?

In the background is the symbol of our event, the circus tent! The entrance to this tent is closed, but inside that tent is what awaits you all in June...fun, excitement, friendship, adventures, thrills and so much more!

This exquisite brass plated 1.5 inch pin is ONLY $5! It is currently for pre-sale at the link below and will be available for pick up at registration in June. I will also have them available at the Chicago Steampunk Expo next weekend when I attend, and any other event you might find me walking about! However, this is a limited run, so you might want to secure yours today!

Click Here to Buy Your Pin!