Make a Medal (13+)

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The Steampunk Symposium 2022 Program and Design by Night Accessories invites you create a steampunk badge using vintage finds, charms and more.

Presented by Kolleen Kilduff from Design by Night Accessories.

$10 session fee for materials (paid upon arrival at the workshop).

Create a steampunk badge with help from craft expert Kolleen from Design by Night Accessories.

Pick through a plethora of vintage finds, keys, charms, tools and much more to create your personal badge.

Kolleen Kilduff started Design by Night 12 years ago to help keep graphic-designer-by-day Kolleen out of trouble at night. Supervised by her dog Rufus (who is tough quality control), she specialize in hand crafting unique and unusual chapeaus using non-traditional decorations.



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