Mark Twain in the Old West

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The Symposium 2020 Program invites you to join Mark Twain for a talk about the old West as he knew it as a young man.

Presented by Steampunk Mark Twain (AKA Quine Brengle).

Mark Twain’s account in his own words of his adventures in Nevada during the silver rush. As he would put it: There is a good deal of information in this presentation. I regret this very much, but information seems to stew out of me naturally like the precious otter or roses from the otter.

Quine Brengle is a retired psychologist and bon vivant who is sometimes known as the Steampunk Mark Twain because he has unkempt hair and mustache and owns a white suit. He is a lifelong fan of Mark Twain’s writings and finds they apply to the human condition and the state of the country today as well as they did when they were written.



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