Leather Working Q & A

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The Steampunk Symposium 2022 Program invites you to ask our experts anything you’ve wanted to know about working with leather.

Presented by Leah Blaydon & Steve Blaydon.

Want to get started in leather but don’t know how? Already started playing with leather but now you have questions? Come and ask our panel of experts! We will share our successes and failures, tips and tricks in both hard and soft leather working.

Leah Blaydon is one half of the Silverwolf Leather dynamic duo! With over a decade of work in mostly soft leather under her well made belt, she brings a unique perspective on form and function in design. With a vast and varied resume, she knows a little about a lot of subjects including metal work and glass.



Steve Blaydon is the other half of the Silverwolf Leather dynamic duo! With over two decades of experience working with leather, he has much knowledge to share on the subject. Starting out in the renfaire world and shifting to steampunk over a decade ago has given him many chances to interact with humans of all walks of life.


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