In Memoriam


On this page we remember cherished members of the Steampunk Community who have died.

We are a community of storytellers who come together to live out a shared imagination, and we shall hold dearly those we have lost by weaving them into the legacy of this rich tapestry that thrives in the joy and creativity of Steampunk.

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Deborah Gerard of Time Traveler Outfitters ( – 2019)

Eulogy by Cap Piehler

I remember meeting Deborah in Atlanta at a festival many years ago. Her southern drawl, her honesty and her humor captivated me. We talked for ours about everything from fabric, to our dreams, and for our goals with our businesses.

We did the classic, “friends” on Facebook and followed each other business Facebook pages.. But, she was different. Not a “Facebook friend” but, a TRUE FRIEND.

She was always giving me advice and pointers, always provided words of a encouragement and support and always being true to herself. She was a fare gem in this world.

A few years ago she was telling me that she felt weak and going to the doctors. She came back with devastating news… She had cancer. She went through a vigorous series of treatments. She lost her hair, she was weak, numbness in her hands and fingers and her vision was blurry but, she got in front of her sewing machine to create beautiful garments that we all cherish. She told me that getting to make things made her feel better.. That the feeling of accomplishing something was her medicine. She was not going to let the cancer win.

She came back to the cons with a renewed vigor for life!. Her joys were her fabrics and sewing And for seeing all of us. We gave her joy! Don’t get me wrong, she was still weak and needed our help. That is why we always side-by-side on the vendor floor. It was an honor to see her and she allowed me to help her when she needed it. She was not known to complain to most of us but, I knew what she was dealing with. Some of our most amazing chats happened at the cons.

As John and I were increasing our business, Deborah was the one who created the ready-to-wear name for my division, Captain Wilobys Emporium was her idea. She was always pushing me to do more. I guess she saw more in me than i did myself.

2 weeks before Teslacon, Deborah confided in me that her cancer has returned. She asked me to keep it a secret until she knew more about her condition and what her treatments would be. She was suppose to be next to me in the vendor room. It was heartbreaking to not have her there.

I called her and I could hear her voice… Uncertainty, pain, fear. It was not the Deborah that I have known over the years. 2 days later I called and left a message. Her husband called me back and told me that she has taken a turn for the worse. Her organs were failing and we all needed to send our prayers. The next morning, Deborah left her earthly body. We can all agree, cancer sucks. It has taken many of our friends and family. It doesn’t discriminate.

For all of who had a chance to talk to her, remember her. Remember her joy, her wit, her laughter. And that smile!!.. Remember that she fought until she couldn’t. She lived!!! She touched all of us in one way or another. I have become a better person because of her. I will always cherish my time with her and the garments she made for me.

As you read this, remember our time here on earth is brief. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Hug your friends a few more seconds.. Talk to that person alone in the corner.. Be bold. Be daring. Be creative. Be giving. Be that light in a dark World. And most importantly, be true to yourself and always be YOU.

Naomi Grunwald-Eberhart “The Red Queen” (1971 – 2019)

Eulogy to come later.