High Gear – An Original Dustpunk Short Film

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program brings you this high-energy dustpunk heist film that introduces Mrs. Phelps and her formidable women!

Presented by Amy Gruss.

Tower of Turtles Productions, creators of original Dresden Files fan films Night Light and Red Sun, present High Gear, a new dustpunk heist film. Phelps, the brains of the outfit, assembles her crew of formidable women to thwart the Silver Syndicate’s nefarious plan – but can they fend off a rival crew, complete the heist, and save the day?

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Amy Gruss is a singer, writer, and filmmaker with more than 30 years of performing and creating under her belt. She uses her street theater background, honed at renaissance festivals across the country, to share stories of how her pet projects came to fruition. From documentaries to action flicks and making music from rock to a cappella, her geeky interests lead her to collaborate and create, encouraging others to do the same.


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