Grandiloquent After Dark: A Titillating Collection of Bawdy Bon Mots (18+)

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program invites you to a late night presentation of “fancy profanity” from Grandiloquent Word of the Day.

Presented by Jason Travis Ott.

Join us for an indecorously risqué divertissement that is rife with ribaldry and erudite aspersions. Learn the mot juste to succinctly eviscerate the self esteem of anyone on your naughty list, or arousingly amorous tidbits to cause the most unseemly wagging of eyebrows!

These controversial words are not posted on our website or social media venues, so this is your chance to peek into the down and dirty side of Grandiloquent Word of the Day.

Jason Travis Ott is an artist and graphic designer who is best known for his entertaining and educational Facebook benefaction,“Grandiloquent Word of the Day” (in collaboration with his muse/goddess/wife). This delightful collection lightheartedly spotlights a bevy of wonderful and whimsical words that will elevate any tête-à-tête to splendiferous heights.



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