Diverse Perspectives on the American West

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A roundtable presentation of perspectives and stories from the Old West from a diverse group of people in our community.

Moderated by Dr. Renea Frey, featuring Saffire Ravenhart, Danny West, Melanie Carlson, and Tea Wispfaerie.

While we enjoy the themes and make believe of Symposium, it is still important to realize that the times and places we romanticize now came with a host of problematic practices that affected many groups of people. This roundtable presentation will gather perspectives and stories from a diverse group of people in our community as a conversation starter to explore our diverse community and assumptions today.

Renea Frey is a professor of Rhetoric and the Writing Program Director in the English Department at Xavier University. Her research interests include nineteenth-century, persuasion, culture, and discourse, including women’s writing and diversity rhetorics.



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