Black Cowboys and White Zombies (21+)

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program wishes to entertain you with True Tales of the Real Weird Wild West told in Two Cocktails . . .

Presented by Baba Teddy & Lady Kate Henriott.

In more True Tales & Cocktails, Baba Teddy and Lady Kate share the true stories, history and cocktails behind who the ‘Cowboys’ really were and where ‘Zombies’ really come from. This fun, informative and hydrating performance will make the Wild West even Weirder.

Baba Teddy is Ted Jauw, husband to Kate Henriott and co-authors of ‘Absinthe Alewives and Alchemy’. Besides being makers of ‘Mere Henriod’s Extraite d’Absinthe’ they are avid storytellers and ‘hidden history’ buffs. His latest novel ‘Teslation III’ is being launched here at the Symposium.



Lady Kate Henriott is an Author and Illustrator; the descendant of ‘Mere Henriod’ the first person recorded to create Absinthe as chronicled in their book ‘Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy’. She is also the author of ‘Tea and Tasseomancy’ and ‘Talking With The Dead’, ‘The Goddess Coloring Book’ and her popular ‘Isis Oracle’.



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