Canes Enable

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Canes Enable joins the Symposium for first time!

Canes Enable are makers and purveyors of unique and antique: unique and antique walking sticks, canes, umbrellas, parasols, brollies, gamps, bumbershoots & en tout cas.

Canes Enable is a specialty maker and purveyor of Unique and Antique:

Walking Sticks – Canes – Umbrellas – Parasols – Truncheons – Gamps – Cudgels – Cromachs – Shillelaghs – Brollies – Hanways – Staffs – Resticks – Whirlygamps – Gadget Canes – System Canes – Swagger sticks – Swordsticks – Beesums – Bumbershoots – Ciupagas – Fokos – And En Tout Cas

We base our prices on our investment more so than their full market value.

What that means is that if we are able to find a good deal, we are able to pass on a good deal.

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