Symposium cancelled for 2020

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Steampunk Symposium 2020 was originally scheduled for March 27th to 29th, 2020, but on March 12th, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared a ban on events involving more than 100 people, which later was reduced to 50 people, and then 10 people. On March 13th, we postponed the Symposium to the end of August 2020 hoping that this would be enough time for the COVID-19 crisis to have cleared; unfortunately this was not the case, and tragically many people have since suffered and died from the virus. This week we further assessed the situation, weighing the prospects for restoration of public health and safety in the next 14 weeks, and came to the conclusion that the only safe course of action was to cancel this year’s Steampunk Symposium.

Steampunk Symposium 2021

We appreciate that a lot of you have been working hard on your “Weird West” outfits and props, which is why we are continuing with this theme for the 2021 Steampunk Symposium, which is still scheduled for August 20th to 22nd, 2021.

As much as possible we will be keeping the same program and vendors, but given the change of date there are bound to be several changes based on presenter and vendor availability . . . but the Symposium lives on to fight another day!

Ticket Transfers & More

Unless otherwise requested, all tickets pre-purchased for Steampunk Symposium 2020 will automatically roll over to Steampunk Symposium 2021 (no need to contact the Symposium).

For those unable to attend the Symposium in August 2021 we have a couple other transfer options available:

1. Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2021 (April 23rd to 25th, 2021)
With the recent changes, the Symposium’s sister convention in Chicago is now going to be held in April 2021, and tickets from Symposium 2020 are transferable to this show. Please visit to learn more about this weekend.

2. Transfer to Another Person
If you are unable to attend either Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2021 or Steampunk Symposium 2021, it is possible to transfer your ticket(s) to another person. This option allows a transfer to Chicago Steampunk Exposition 2021, or Steampunk Symposium 2021.

Ticket Transfer requests should be emailed to with the subject heading of “Symposium Transfer” and also the Order Number (e.g.: Symposium Transfer Order #41138). In your email please be clear as to which of the three available transfer options you would like to request.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate refunds for pre-purchased tickets or merchandise. The Symposium, and most small conventions, rely on pre-sales to raise the funds with which to cover the costs that go into the show’s preparation. Being only two weeks before the originally scheduled dates when the order came in from the Governor of Ohio, the vast majority of funds had already been spent on the meeting space, printing costs, marketing, AV equipment, performer fees, signage, travel expenses, and other materials needed to run the convention. Some attendees will be frustrated by this, but we hope that most will understand and appreciate the situation that the Symposium was thrust into with the international COVID-19 pandemic, and the State of Ohio’s mandate on public gatherings.

Hotel Rooms

Rooms in the new Symposium 2021 hotel block at the Holiday Inn Eastgate will be available for booking as of the first week of September 2020. Toward the end of this summer we will release the details and booking links.

All Steampunk Symposium bookings for the postponement dates of August 2020 will be automatically cancelled by the Holiday Inn Eastgate, but if you had bookings with another hotel in the area, please contact them as soon as possible to cancel or update it.

Keep Calm & Steam On

The Symposium empathizes that this is an extremely trying time for everyone. Thousands of people have lost loved ones, millions of people have lost jobs, and countless other ripples are disrupting the way of life we once knew, but we will overcome this pandemic!

Stay well, stay safe, and together let’s support the frontline workers combating this virus by following CDC (Centers For Disease Control) guidelines and do our part to rise to the occasion!

This will pass, and when it does, we look forward to coming together once more to celebrate with friends and fellow Steampunks . . . we’ll see you in 2021.