Building Character – How to Develop Your Steampunk “Self”

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The Steampunk Symposium 2022 Program invites you to meet with “The Baroness” and discuss how to build a Steampunk persona that fits you!

Presented by The Baroness (played by Donna McClaren)

So – this Steampunk thing? How do all of these people come up with character backgrounds that just seem like a part of them without handing out pamphlets? It takes time and real thought into building your Steampunk-self into a recognizable persona.

Donna McClaren (aka “The Baroness Alexandra”) will discuss the steps on building a character that suits your personal style and doesn’t break the bank to do it. Open discussion and interaction from the audience is encouraged!

Donna McClaren has been involved in multiple types of interactive entertainment for over three decades. Ranging from single day events to short term theatre runs, it began to dawn on her that “Building Character” is more than just making up a back story, it involves really understanding the direction of the character and its sustainability. Then along came the Renaissance Faires, where she really learned how to truly ‘live’ a character – strong enough that after being away from the Faires for a about 15 years, people continued to recognize her original character and actively remembered the name. The Steampunk world brought about The Baroness Alexandra, which again developed by truly thinking and understanding the character. Donna looks forward to helping others understand this process and actively encourages her audiences to share questions and answers about building their own Steampunk Self!

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