Create Your Very Own Preposterous Steampunk Bracer

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The Steampunk Symposium 2020 Program invites you to brace yourself, and make your very own preposterous Steampunk Bracer

Presented by Professor Cornelius Zowski & Lady Jacqueline Regina Zowski.

Seize this inimitable opportunity to create your very own preposterous Steampunk bracer under the direct tutelage of a renowned Master Tinkerer and his adept and very competent and lovely apprentice, who just happens to be his wife.

The cost of this panel is $10 (for a basic bracer) or $15.00 (for a supreme bracer with lights and a gauge). All of the materials and tools are supplied for this panel.

Professor Zowski, aka, “Professor Corny”, is a Master Tinkerer and the founder of MIT, Michigan Institute of Tinkery a subterranean seminary of absurdity and wonder. He has been actively involved in the Steampunk community for six years by presenting maker panels at Steampunk events. During the summer break, he and his wife are airship pirates or protectors (depending which way the wind blows and who provides the most compensation).


Lady Jacqueline is a former Nubian Queen from the Dark Continent who has graced the Steampunk community with her charm and her beauty for the last six years. She currently is learning how to be tinkerer and is enrolled in MIT’s apprentice program and spends her summer months either raiding or protecting airships with her husband.



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