Frenchy and the Punk’s Batfrog Habitat Art Installation

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This March, the Symposium will play host to Frenchy and the Punk’s amazing sensory art installation piece that is like Avatar meets the Jungle, with “batfrogs,” vines, leaves and sounds; it’s very botanical.

Presented by Frenchy and the Punk.

The Batfrog became the symbol of the musical duo Frenchy and the Punk (Samantha Stephenson and Scott Helland) back in 2006. It is their “Victorian Flying Apparatus From The Natural World.” The duo has become one of the most sought after featured acts in the Steampunk and Faerie festival circuits.

Both Samantha and Scott are avid proponents of protecting the environment and for the protection of animals. The symbol of the Batfrog was first designed by Scott to combine Samantha’s love of bats and his own love of frogs. The Batfrog was used on the band’s merchandise, tshirts, patches, pins and stickers. As the years went on the Batfrog started to take on a life of its own.

In 2013, the duo started thinking about making an art installation of a Batfrog Habitat and Scott created a diorama as a maquette for the project. Samantha had already designed and produced art installations while living in New York City in the 1990s. At the time she was part of an artist community in a warehouse in Long Island City, Queens that had ample space for her art projects.

In late 2016, after 11 years of consistent touring, Frenchy and the Punk finally got some time off of the road and found themselves at home base for a few months with time to work on the idea that had been waiting for their attention and the Batfrog Habitat was created. In February 2017, it made its first public viewing at the Glimmerdark Festival in Princeton, NJ to rave reviews.

The Batfrog Habitat Art Installation is an immersive experience. It is both visual and sonic.

The visitor enters an enclosed space that has been completely transformed into a cave-like habitat. Inside, all the elements are handmade by the creators with various fabrics. It is a serene and meditative environment. A place of reflection and a reminder of our deep connection to nature.

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