Fleet Admirals

Steampunks from all over the Midwest and beyond have been gathering at the Symposium for the Steampunk Olympiad since April 2012, and as this eccentric event evolves it has become more inclusive with the introduction of the Fleets, the Admirals, and the states that they represent. Each of the Admirals is recognized as a respected member of their state’s Steampunk Community, and have been invited to lead airships and attendees from their state in the friendly contests of the Olympiad. Which Fleet will win the most games and contests? Which Fleet will earn the glory of the Symposium?!

To help us organize the Fleets, please REGISTER your Airship or Steampunk group with our Airship Directory.

Kentucky Fleet – Admiral Asherah

Salubrious salutations from Caduceus Airship Captain Medea Asherah (aka Jennifer Noran), She Who Walks Above the Sea!  Are you prepared to accompany me on daring exploits and adventures this coming year, my afternoonified adventurers?

Having been raised in the ranks to Admiral Asherah of the Kentucky fleet this year, I want to rally our ships to batty-fang our adversaries at next year’s International Steampunk Symposium 2020.

After being introduced to Steampunk in 2015 by my Co-Captain who suggested we attend the International Steampunk Symposium, and having seen all the fun and adventures to be had, I decided to create my own airship, The Caduceus. My crew has grown over the last few years and we hold monthly meetings where we learn, create, plot future adventures and revel in our friendships. This year we hosted our first event, The Victorian Valentine Affair, which was a fundraiser inspired by the good deeds of the Airship Ashanti.

As a Graphic Artist, I have been active in the Steampunk community designing logos for such projects as the Kentucky Steampunk Society, The Chicago Steampunk Exposition, The Traveling Revelers and my own graphics and projects for the Caduceus. The different themes that the ISS creates annually have inspired many a craft day and costuming project for my crew and me.

Check out the The Airship Caduceus, and The Kentucky Steampunk Society for more information. On these pages you will find how to prepare yourself for the games and events by looking in the files section on the Caduceus’ Facebook page and at past missives on the other pages.

So, gather your wits about you my bricky beau sabreurs and prepare for some nanty narking and mafficking! After three years of placing below first, I plan to have our fleet take the egg in 2020! I will also be making awards to present within in the fleet, so let’s work as a team AND make a jolly sport of it at the same time!!!

Yours in the spirit of adventure,

Admiral Medea Asherah, She Who Walks Above the Sea

Illinois Fleet – Admiral Dezoma

Dr William Dezoma, the Admiral of the Illinois Fleet at the Symposium, is a man of mystery with a fine beard and mustache.

Many will recognize him from his prominent roles at other conventions and festivals, but this March the Symposium also recognizes him as the galvanizing leader to rally Steampunks from Illinois to compete and celebrate together in the 2020 Steampunk Olympiad!

Dezoma’s message to the Steampunks of Illinois is “Let us gather together and build a community for the future and celebrate our past. But we should do that now!

Indiana Fleet – MIA

New Indiana Admiral to be announced soon.

Michigan Fleet – Admiral Tannenbaum

This is Admiral B. Tannenbaum; AKA Lady Beatrice Tannenbaum Smythe, AKA Vicky Pontious. I am a member of the Monroe Steam Salon and Communications officer/Engineer of the Freetrader Libby Custer, out of Monroe, MI.

The Monroe Steam Salon was founded in 2016 although most of our members have been active in steampunk for much longer. We try to have activities for those members between the Detroit and Toledo areas, and take our airship, the Freetrader Libby Custer, to far away places. (Like Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Madison)

Some events in past years include – Steampunk Valentine events like a fashion show, tea dueling, teapot racing; we walk in the county fair parade and the holiday parade; we host monthly steampunk role playing games; we’ve had hat and jewelry making workshops; participated in various historical teas and even presented a mummy unwrapping; and of course, provide drinks and snacks for the tea stroll.

The Freetrader Libby Custer is a TOTALLY legitimate trading vessel – WE ARE NOT PIRATES! You want to ship cargo, we can do it! You need to get out of town in a hurry – I MEAN TRAVEL! we can get you there! Contact the Major (Stephen Mycroft Wayne)

So come on Michigan, join me at the Symposium, let’s show everyone what we can do!

Your Michigan Admiral – B. Tannenbaum

Missouri Fleet – Admiral Burke

Hello Fellow Admirals, ladies and gentlemen, I am Minutiae Burke (aka) Sabrina Robinson Pullen.

Originally hailing from Las Vegas, St Louis is now my home port. 

I began my service as Captain of the Black Raven Crew at the Greater St Louis Renaissance faire from 2003-2010. Eventually I was able to procure my own vessel The Slipstream and advance in rank. 

Time warp to the present day and I am proud to serve as Secretary for Gateway Steampunk Society LLC. and Admiral to our growing Missouri fleet.

The year 2019 was Gateway Steampunk Society’s first year and what a year it has been. We have been involved in many a wonderous adventure, from vintage shopping trips to holiday celebrations, theater outings and Krampusnacht celebrations. We love to create and enjoy helping others to find their own creativity. Gateway Steampunk Society co-hosts with Steampunk Brew Works monthly get togethers where we make steamy things, play games and just plain have a pint or three. We also share inspiration and resources to help you get that perfect look using upcycle and recycled thrift store finds at Dressed for Steam on FB

So, come and join our fleet, adventure awaits.

Yours respectfully

Admiral Minutiae K Burke

Ohio Fleet – MIA

New Ohio Admiral to be announced soon.

Other Fleets . . .

Will Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia, or any other neighboring states bring their fleets to the Steampunk Olympiad? Let’s find out this March!

Please email CarabasEvents@gmail.com if you wish to propose leadership for a state’s fleet?