EIGHT Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are now just EIGHT WEEKS left until the Symposium . . . JUST TWO MONTHS!

Only four weeks remain to get the Midwest Steampunk BIG Ticket that saves up to 25% off your tickets if you are planning on being at both the Symposium in March and the Chicago Steampunk Exposition in September. Click Here to learn more.

There’s also just four weeks left to purchase Premium Tickets to the Symposium – click HERE to learn more about these exclusives.


Steamtastic Beasts Contest

The polls are closed, the results are in, and you have picked your favorite Beast in Show!

Congratulations to Bekah Ewers, creator of the Steampunk Phoenix.


Coming in second was The Leviathan by Adam KoehlerThe Steampunk Krakken, and in third place was by Ted Jauw.

Thank you to all our artists who sent us their Steamtastic Beasts, they will each be receiving a weekend ticket to the 2019 Symposium, and their art will be featured about the convention as part of our interactive game.



This week we featured more of the tabletop gaming offered by the Symposium:

We shall continue to add more and more to the list as the weeks countdown to Symposium 2019.


Upcoming Posts . . .

  • Airship Registration guidelines.
  • Programming announcements.
  • The Houses of the Cincinnatus Academy of Science & Sorcery.

And other such delights . . .


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