Three Weeks Until Symposium 2020

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THREE WEEKS left until Steampunk Symposium 2020, the immersive convention that places YOU center stage of the action. Will you be the hero to solve the Mystery of the Gold Rush Ghouls? Will you win prizes and glory in the Steampunk Olympiad? Will you be able to choose what to do from the ever expanding schedule that awaits you next month? Whatever you do, we know that it’s going to be an unforgettable experience!

This Week’s Program Previews

This month and next month we continue to build the schedule of presentations, and here is a preview of some of what to expect at the 2020 Steampunk Symposium:

A broader list of confirmed presentations, special events, entertainment, and more can be found on our Program Page. To find out more about special guests, please visit our Featured Presenters list, and the Entertainment page.

The 2020 Steampunk Olympiad is going to be bigger than ever with the new Fleet Admirals!

Visit our Vendors & Exhibitors Page to see the full list of confirmed vendors for Symposium 2020.

Fleets & Airships

We invite you to join our new Airship Directory by filling out out Airship Registration and letting us know more about your Airship or Steampunk organization.

Order Your Pins


The limited edition Steampunk Symposium MMXX commemorative pin is available for pre-order (while stocks last).

A Taste of the Weird West . . .

This week we back to 1982, and then back further to the 1870s with the film Timerider!

Motorcycle racer Lyle Swann is cruising through the Mexican desert when he accidentally stumbles into a time-travel experiment and finds himself transported back to the Old West of the 1870s.

On the Horizon . . .
  • An introduction to the Smog & Sorcery live action role play game.
  • And some other stuff!

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