10 Weeks until Symposium 2019

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There are now just 10 WEEKS left until the Symposium . . . this week we’ve added a few more panels to the list, but we are on the verge of the tipping point, and in the weeks to come there will be a rush of details regarding the Symposium . . . brace yourself!


This week we featured the following presentations that will be in the 2019 schedule:

We shall continue to add more and more to the list as the weeks countdown to Symposium 2019.


Upcoming Posts . . .

  • Airship Registration guidelines.
  • Programming announcements.
  • The Houses of the Cincinnatus Academy of Science & Sorcery.
  • Details of the return of the Costume Contest for 2019 with new hosts.

And other such delights . . .


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