Writing As a Group Sport: Critique Partners, Writing with Co-Authors and other Collaborations

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What are the benefits and challenges of working with co-authors?

How can you benefit from writer’s groups, artistic collaborations and co-operatives?

Our talented literary panelists will share their strategies and inspire artists to consider new avenues of support and inspiration.

– Led by Sophia Beaumont and Ash K. Alexander, other guests TBA


Sophia Beaumont is a writer and knitwear designer from central Ohio. After keeping her kindergarten classmates awake at naptime with hilariously weird and creepy stories, she decided she had better become a writer. She continues that trend today, blending humor with spooky and heart-wrenching tales. Her debut novel, The Spider’s Web (2017), is an #ownvoices story of fabulous knitwear, vengeful goddesses, and fighting the good fight–even when it’s against your own mental state, with follow up novels slated for later this year.

Ash K. Alexander is an unwilling resident of the Heartland. I spent four years getting a degree in Fine Art and another year cleaning dirt off of artifacts, paintings and on occasion putting bones back together, traipsing through tombs and being offered roasted lizards. When that passion didn’t pan out, I returned to my one true love–writing. I write for all age-ranges, though stick mostly to the fantasy genre. I spend most of days working or painting colorful birds (if I’m not coming up with new ways to torment my characters).


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