Mad Scientist Electronics Workshop

This panel is designed to give you the tools needed to build simple electronic LED, Flashing LEDs, and sound circuits. You will learn how to read a schematic and the basic functions of common electronic components. Circuit diagrams and parts will be provided as well as help if needed. There will be many workstations with […]

How to get THAT shape: Petticoats, Crinolines & Bustles

We will discuss the whats and whys of undergarments: what are the layers needed to get desired fullness under a skirt (petticoats, crinolines, or a bustle cage?) what you should be wearing under your corset, and other practical tips (what order you put these things on and how to use the ladies room once it’s […]

Steampunk Costuming 101

Your guided tour through the basics of beginner costumes. We will explore the various archetypes, male & female, associated with Steampunk, break down their costumes and offer suggestions where to get these pieces inexpensively. Edwina Tweed has been a Steampunk enthusiast since 2009 and a costumer for over 3 decades. Switching to more historical costuming […]