Steampunk Props – Epic Vehicles of Mass Distraction!

Join David Lee of Hatton Cross Steampunk for a little show and tell! David will have his Steampunk Tank, aka “The Gentleman’s Armored Battle Carriage” at the panel and on display. He will discuss the making of such an epic vehicle, converting it to an electric powered vehicle, catching it on fire, etc. We’ll discuss how it […]

Green Steam: Junk to Art

While recycling may seem a relatively new concept, it has in fact been around for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution of the “Victorian era” that it became cheaper to discard and purchase new. As Hatton Cross Steampunk creates fun personas and contraptions from this era, we also attempt to create a […]

Get Started in Teapot Racing

Come learn the origins of Splendid Teapot Racing and what it takes to participate. Topics will include the rules and basics of building a racer that will carry your banner to glory. How one handles the resulting fame will be determined entirely by the character of the participant.   Stephen Lee Chapman is a passionate […]

Electronic Solutions for the Over-Ambitious Non-Engineer

Just as the title suggests, this panel is for those looking to bridge the gap between store bought electronics and wiring up your next masterpiece. We will focus on easy and affordable ways to add the bling to your project and being able to sustain it. We’ll focus on battery solutions, how to wire in items such […]

Iron Tailor Competition

Teams will battle using needle and thread, hot glue, and a variety of tools to create a stunning steampunk outfit from thrift store clothing, cloth scraps, and ingenuity. The winning outfit will show both creativity and craftsmanship. Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. Contestants: Any team of 3-4 people (aged 12 and up) is […]