The Science of Brain Tapping

Science meets Seance! Supernatural Forces and High Voltage! We will attempt to make audio and visual contact with the preserved brain of a famous mesmeric. A Psychedelic Victorian Parlor Show Freakout! Not for the faint of heart! Professor Orlando is the eccentric, scientific half of the team of Orlando & Dandybrook. He has dedicated his […]

NAMI Raffle Drawing

As part of the weekend’s fundraising efforts for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, raffle tickets for various Steampunk prizes are for sales at the NAMI table. The results of the raffle, and distribution of prizes will occur during this session.   The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Ohio is a grassroots education, […]

Art and Fashion in the Victorian Age

Join us for a look at the major art and fashion movements of the Victorian and Edwardian periods: Eclecticism, Orientalism, Classism, and other Isms. Fiona Finnigan is a Graduate Student of Art History at Southern Illinois University. She is interested in the art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly Arts and Crafts […]

Edgar Allan Poe: Separating Man from Myth

One of the grave misfortunes suffered by Edgar Allan Poe was that his public image was first formed by his main adversary after his death. Was Poe a melancholy madman or intellectual genius? Did he focus only on the macabre, or did he forge the way to many other literary genres? Filmmaker Tom Dallis discusses […]

Wheels to Wings: The Transportation Revolution 1803-1903

The nineteenth century saw the single greatest revolution in transportation. In 1803 steam power was a curiosity compared to millennia-old wind and muscle power. By 1903 steam and internal combustion were annihilating distance and sending humanity into the skies. Learn about what made the nineteenth century so steamy. B.A. Klapper (Lt. Karl August Bergmann) is […]

Dressed to Kill: The Role of Women’s Dress in Gender, Performance, and Power

It is easy to look back on Victorian dress in admiration and enjoy copying the fashions from the past today. However, women’s dress has always in some way been political, reflecting norms, constraints, and idealizations of women from the time. This presentation will include a brief history of women’s dressing trends in the nineteenth-century with […]