Rosswyvern Press – Symposium 2018

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Rosswyvern Press offers original Steampunk books from various authors.  They originally formed in 2011 as a primarily non-fiction small press based around medical and scientific topics. When the press changed hands in 2012 they changed their publishing interests to: science fiction fantasy, both high and urban steampunk/ alternative fiction non-mainstream fiction horror mystery paranormal romance To learn […]

Mystik Waboose – Symposium 2018

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Mystik Waboose has fun t-shirts for every fan! They have licensed T-shirts for Doctor Who, Firefly, Girl Genius, Steampunk, Science/Mad Science, Gaming, Cthulu/Miskatonic, Literary, Dragons, etc. Mystik Waboose also had related apparel: sweatshirts, hoodies, embroidered polos, Cthulhu ski masks, embroidered messenger and engineer style bags in several design choices – Dragons, Wolves, Steampunk, etc. AND, […]

The Artifixer – Symposium 2018

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Original designs by The Artifixer: corsets, clothing, and accessories for ladies and gentlemen. We offer our line of moderately-priced original corsets and clothing in leather and cloth for ladies and gentlemen. We design and produce our own corsets and outerwear, and we carry an curated collection of accessories by small designers to complete your steampunk […]

Bard & Broad – Symposium 2018

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Bard & Broad offers corsets, clothing, leather good, jewelry and much more! From Renaissance to Steampunk, for over 16 years they have been providing the highest quality corsets, clothing, jewelry, leather goods and accessories to customers across the ages. To learn more about Bard & Broad visit their Website. x x   Buy Your Symposium Tickets HERE

Milton’s Emporium – Symposium 2018

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Milton’s Emporium offers a wide range of steampunk accessories, many handcrafted from brass and leather. Ensemble-ready components include watches; flasks; brass keys; leather journals; leather pouches, belts and masks; binoculars; monoculars; telescopes; sundial compasses; brass scientific instruments; corsets; parasols; jewelry; goggles; and custom mechanical creations ideally suited for the steampunk enthusiast.   To learn more […]

Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire – Symposium 2018

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An award-winning milliner with over 25 years experience, Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire designs and had-crafts ladies’ and some men’s hats of the Victorian, Edwardian and Steampunk eras as well as haute couture hats and head pieces. Specializing in fine ladies’ and some men’s hats with an emphasis on quality and design plus ladies accessories. They also […]

Topexx Dominions – Symposium 2018

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Topexx Dominions (by Space Monkeys Down) sells an assortment of Steampunk gaming accouterments. They have many original Steampunk character prints in a range of sizes, inclusing 35 mm pewter Steampunk miniatures for your gaming needs, as well as up-coming D&D Adventure Modules. To learn more about Topexx Dominions visit their Facebook Page. x x   Buy Your […]