Schedule – Sunday, March 31st, 2019

The International Steampunk Symposium

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  • The Art of Capoeira with Dan Tres Omi (Ferrara)
    Learn some of the history, sounds, and basic movements of this Afro-Brazilian martial arts style.
  • Steampunk Olympiad – Bocce Ball (Upper Terrace)
    The simple game of throwing balls . . . with skill and strategy! 
  • Time Traveling Film Fest with Nyx Grabe (Naples)
    Three steampunk films for your viewing pleasure.
  • Symposium Feedback with Aloysius Fox (Verona)
    Tell us what you liked about this year’s Symposium, and what you would like to see for next year.
  • Mad Scientist Workshop with Reid Minnich (Sicily)
    Hands on electronics lab.
  • Vendor Hall Open (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Industrious Empires with Andre M. Mahdi (Naples)
    Let’s explore the rise and fall of empires around their own industrial revolutions.
  • Grandiloquent Word of the Day with Jason Travis Ott (Palermo)
    A general discourse regarding the quotidian utilization of grandiloquent words with a greater degree of concinnity (studied harmony or elegance of literary style) so as to eschew obfuscation wherever possible.
  • Steampunk Music Panel with Frenchy and the Punk et. al (Pompeii)
    A discussion of Steampunk music past, present, and future.
  • Introduction to Steampunk with Phoebe Darqueling (Verona)
    Get a great overview of Steampunk from a friendly expert.
  • Basics of Foam Smithing with James Joens (Sicily)
    Learn to turn foam floor tiles into armour and props.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)



  • Valentine Wolfe (Ferrara)
    An energized blend of metal, classical, and industrial music with Stoker and Poe.
  • James Neathery Maker Advice (Naples)
    Tips and insights from our Guest of Honor Maker.
  • Robyn Bennis Feature Hour (Palermo)
    Join us for a joyful, lively discussion with our Featured Literary guest Robyn Bennis, acclaimed author of Tor’s The Guns Above series.
  • Steamfunk! with Ofeibea Loveless et al. (Pompeii)
    Black Americans talk about creating steampunk characters that are empowered by re-imagined historical narratives.
  • Teacup Holster Workshop with Tandy Leather (Sicily)
    Professionals from Tandy Leather cover the the basics of how to make your own teacup holster.



  • Frenchy & the Punk (Ferrara)
    A mix of Frenchy and the Punk Acoustic and Scott Helland Guitarmy of One songs.
  • NAMI In Our Own Words (Verona)
    Learn more about mental health issues and the work of NAMI.
  • Ask the Authors (Palermo)
    Our multi-published, professional Featured Literary Guests, moderated by Leanna Renee Hieber, facilitate a community driven discussion about publishing, answering questions on process and product, craft and advice on living your best creative life.


  • Closing Ceremonies

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The International Steampunk Symposium