Steampunk Rally “Play It to Win It” Game

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Roxley Games heard that Steampunk Santa would be promoting their game, Steampunk Rally, at the International Steampunk Symposium.  They gave him extra copies of the game, and he is making them available to the attendees!

One copy of the game will be available in the NAMI Raffle.  Another copy will be available as a “Play It to Win It” event in the Gaming Salon.  Each time someone plays Steampunk Rally during the weekend, they may enter their name.  One name will be drawn at Closing Ceremonies, and that person will receive their own copy.

In Steampunk Rally, players take on the role of a famous inventor from the turn of the last century, like Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie.  Each round, they draft cards that can be used as parts to construct a fantastical Steampunk contraption, or provide fuel, cogs, or a special boost.  They then fuel their vehicle with Steam, Electricity, and Heat, (represented by dice) in an attempt to win a no-holds-barred race through the Swiss Alps, hoping not to take too much damage.  The player who manages to move their vehicle the farthest over the course of several rounds wins!

While one game is officially scheduled for Sunday morning, Steampunk Santa will gladly provide instruction throughout the weekend.  The game plays for up to eight players, and at least two copies of the game will be available in the Gaming Salon.

Roxley Games is a game development and publishing firm located in Calgary, Alberta.  They feature some of the best game designers and artists Canada has to offer. Whether it’s a new mechanism, a new theme, or both, Roxley Games requires that every one of their projects features some sort of innovation.

Steampunk Santa is an entertainer and gaming enthusiast based in Toledo, Ohio.  He shares his collection of new and vintage board games for play at conventions as part of Santa’s Toy Box.

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