Schedule – Saturday, March 30th, 2019

The International Steampunk Symposium

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Please note that this schedule may be subject to necessary changes


  • Classical Defense for Classy People with Nate Shrider (Ferrara)
    Learn classical defense with the everyday items of a gentleman and lady.
  • Steampunk Olympiad – Airship Deck Croquet (Upper Terrace)
    Airships compete in the traditional sport of croquet.
  • Steampunk Filmmaking: Special Effects on a Shoestring Budget with Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire (Naples)
    Creating visual special effects using open-source software.
  • Posing in Costume with Kollig Art Photography (Pompeii)
    Don’t know how to stand for a photo? Lets help.
  • Ulysses S. Grant with Greg Roberts (Verona)
    Greg Roberts presents the historical significance of locally born Ulysses S. Grant.
  • Fantastic Hats & How to Make Them with Julie Norton (Sicily)
    Create a unique hat that exemplifies your magical personality.
  • Vendor Hall Open (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Guide to Swing Dancing with Megan Ulrich & Tabby Jackson (Ferrara)
    An exciting, vintage swing dance workshop featuring Lindy Hop, Charleston, and East Coast Swing styles!
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau with Fiona Finnigan (Naples)
    An introduction to the Art Deco and Art Nouveau.
  • Read Your Favorite Page! (Palermo)
    Our Esteemed Lit Track Guests read a few titillating tidbits from their latest projects, guaranteed to whet appetites and ignite the mind!
  • What’s New in Steampunk Music with Frenchy and the Punk and guests (Pompeii)
    What is Steampunk Music? And where is it heading?
  • Introduction to Steampunk with Emilie P Bush (Verona)
    New to Steampunk? Learn the basics from friendly experts.
  • Basics of Foam Smithing with James Joens (Sicily)
    Learn to turn foam floor tiles into armour and props.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)



  • Costume Contest Sign Up with Paige Cordano (Ferrara)
    Sign up for pre-judging in this year’s costume contest.
  • The Science of Harry Potter with Andre M. Mahdi (Naples)
    Can we use magic, to help us want to understand the science around us?
  • Robyn Bennis Feature Hour with Robyn Bennis (Palermo)
    Join us for a joyful, lively discussion with our Featured Literary guest Robyn Bennis,
    acclaimed author of Tor’s The Guns Above series.
  • Steamfunk! with Ofeibea Loveless et al. (Pompeii)
    Black Americans talk about creating steampunk characters that are empowered by re-imagined historical narratives.
  • DIY Bowtruckles for Kids (Milan)
    Our friends from Clermont County Library share the secrets of making a Bowtruckle.
  • Teacup Holster Workshop with Tandy Leather (Sicily)
    Professionals from Tandy Leather cover the the basics of how to make your own teacup holster.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)



  • Symposium Costume Contest with Paige Cordano (Ferrara)
    A display of some of the weekend’s best outfits.
  • NAMI – In Our Own Words (Verona)
    Learn more about mental health issues and the work of NAMI.
  • Grandiloquent Word of the Day with Jason Travis Ott (Palermo)
    A general discourse regarding the quotidian utilization of grandiloquent words with a greater degree of concinnity (studied harmony or elegance of literary style) so as to eschew obfuscation wherever possible.
  • Meanwhile…In Brazil with Andre Mahdi (Pompeii)
    South America bound, a glimpse into the history of their Industrial Revolution.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Monster Hunting 101 with Nate Shrider (Naples)
    Facts and tips for identifying and fighting the local Para-fauna.
  • Small Press and Indie Publishing: Advice and Strategy (Palermo)
    Panelists discuss the pros and cons of independent and small press publishing in a competitive marketplace.
  • Eminent Pigeon Fanciers with Dr. Renea Frey (Pompeii)
    Learn how pigeon breeders, fern collectors, butterfly enthusiasts, and more contributed to scientific knowledge in the nineteenth century and how you can follow in their footsteps.
  • Kids’ Airship Races (Milan)
    Our little Steampunks compete in the Dastardly Dirigibles game. 
  • Victorian Salon Writing Games with Nyx Grabe (Verona)
    We will explore salon writing and drawing games from the Victorian Era.
  • Building an Inexpensive Teapot Racer with Casimir Budzinski (Mr. Squeakers) (Sicily)
    Join us as we build an inexpensive teapot racer in under an hour.
  • Vendor Hall (Florence/Venice/Rome)


  • Beard and Mustache Contest (Ferrara)
    During the Costume Contest intermission; for adults AND children 🙂 




  • Steamtastic Variety Show (Ferrara)
    Gandersnitch the Goblin hosts our variety show of various talents!
  • Guide to Swing Dancing Part. 2 (Upper Terrace)
    An exciting, vintage swing dance workshop featuring Lindy Hop, Charleston, and East Coast Swing styles!
  • Science as Spectacle with Dr. Renea Frey (Naples)
    Galvinism, ghosts, mesermism, and mediums — Victorian audiences were enthralled with discoveries that blurred the lines between science and magic, life and death.
  • NAMI Raffle Draw (Palermo)
    Did you win a prize? Find out in the big charity raffle draw.
  • Whitechapel: A New Perspective (Pompeii)
    Many mysteries surround Jack the Ripper, and new answers raise new questions.
  • Egyptomania with Phoebe Darqueling (Verona)
    Western Europe went through an obsession with Egypt which led to several literary works, and a mummy’s curse!


  • Blue Heron Trio (Ferrara)
    A sensual jazz journey through musical eras gone by, imbuing the music with a fresh, young feel.
  • Formal Dance Lessons (Upper Terrace)
    Learn dance moves from Leah Dodson, Pat Lusher, and Jill Lusher
  • New York of the 1920’s with Peter Baum (Naples)
    Learn the history of Jazz Era New York
  • Magical Steampunk Adventures with Brett King (Palermo)
    Maker and costumer Brett King assumes the role of a steampunk wizard and shows you how to incorporate wizardry and magic into your steampunk persona and storytelling.
  • Tales of Haunted Ohio with M. Leigh Hood (Verona)
    Discover the spooky side of the state.
  • Queering Steampunk with Bay Gaillard (Pompeii)
    A whirlwind tour through historical queers and queer steampunk.
  • Victorian & Prohibition Era Party Drinks with Calamity Labs (Hotel Bar)
    A brief tutorial of Victorian and Prohibition Party Drinks.
  • Dastardly Dirigibles (Sicily)
    An airship building board game.
  • Iron Kingdoms – “The Star of Seven” (Sicily)
    An Iron Kingdoms RPG Adventure.
  • PureSteam (Sicily)
    Pathfinder RPG for the Steampunk world.
  • Steampunk Rally (Sicily)
    Construct fantastical Steampunk contraptions, provide fuel, cogs, and special boosts to win the race. 
  • World of SMOG – The Rise of Moloch (Sicily)
    An adventure board game, set in an alternate England, where magic and technology have taken an extraordinary turn. 


  • Frenchy & the Punk (Ferrara)
    High energy music from the famous Steampunk duo (FULL SHOW).
  • Formal Dance (Upper Terrace)
    Get your groove on with some jazz and swing!
  • Oddity (A Staged Reading) with Ashley Lauren Rogers (Pompeii)
    A transgender man, known only as Professor, wakes up in a research facility deep within the center of the Earth. He only vaguely knows that he’s there to research a horrifying and violent incident that led to the deaths of all researchers within the facility.
  • Sazerac Cocktails (21+) with Baba Teddy (Hotel Bar)
    Drink a real ‘Sazerac’ in three tales of Haitian Voodoo, Swiss Witchcraft, Masons and the Comet of 1812.
  • Violet Rays & Good Vibrations: Sex and Medicine in the Age of Tesla (18+) with Ray Sopko (Palermo)
    A discussion of the origins and uses of the vibrator and the violet wand in the late 1800’s.
  • A Seance of Humor with Jay Lyon (Verona)
    A closer look at spiritualism and the occult in the Victorian era.
  • Tabletop Gaming (Sicily)
    See 8:30pm schedule.


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The International Steampunk Symposium