Posing in Costume

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11AM – Saturday, April 28th, 2018 – Patriot North

We have all had the problem of figuring out how to pose for a photo.

The big question of what to do with your hands or how to stand. The way to use what is around you at the time to work for your advantage and more.

Come join Kollig Art and Katey Rosewater and learn the best way to show yourself and your gear off.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Katey Rosewater Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2006. She attends conventions all over North America, especially in the Midwest of the United States. She has won several awards for her cosplays including Second place at Creation’s Days of the Wolf in 2014 and Best in Show at Bitecon in 2015. She is also the founder of Team Beautiful, a Cosplay Positive Anti Bully Group.  And in this past year she was asked to be a guest judge for the costume contests at two conventions.

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