NAMI Presentations – Symposium 2018

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Since 2014, the Symposium has been partnered with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) because as we tend to say of Steampunks “some of us choose to be eccentric, and some of us were just born this way,” and for the 2018 Symposium we have added presentations on mental health issues that face many of us in the Steampunk Community.

NAMI will be presenting “In Our Own Voice,” in which you are invited to hear two trained individuals share their compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery. Throughout the presentation, audience members are encouraged to offer feedback and ask questions.

There are two sessions scheduled for Symposium weekend:

There are many reasons to attend and learn more, whether you are dealing with mental health issues yourself and need support, or whether you have friends and family who need your support. We hope that you will join the conversation, educate the public, and help end the stigma 🙂


The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Ohio is a grassroots education, support and advocacy organization founded in 1979. Originally founded as NAMI Hamilton County, at the end of 2014 NAMI Hamilton County, NAMI Warren County and NAMI Clermont County merged to better serve the region. The Southwest Ohio office provides educational programs, support groups, and an information and referral phone line, and work together with the national organization (NAMI) and their state affiliate (NAMI Ohio) to advocate for people living with mental illness and their families.


To help NAMI in their work, the Steampunk Olympiad and various other events are a great opportunity for the Steampunk Community to raise funds.

At the NAMI table you can:

  • Register for Steampunk Olympiad contests.
  • Purchase tickets for the Steampunk Charity Raffle.
  • Make donations.
  • Learn more about NAMI Southwest Ohio.

Meanwhile, learn more at their website, and be sure to drop their table this April.