Intercourse Over Four Sets of Corsets: Writing Victorian Erotica (18+)

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A writing advice panel that discusses the steamy side of Victorian Erotica and how to keep things both hot and historically accurate.

Presented at Symposium 2019 by Bay Gaillard &  James Gaillard

Want to write historical erotica but unsure how to pull it off? Join this panel, where we shall be discussing just how nasty some of those prim and proper victorians actually were, and how they discussed doing the deed.

Includes both writing advice and historical information.


Bay Gaillard writes erotica under the pen name Dominique Rothford and non-erotic short fiction under the pen name Jane Bailey. Bay enjoys researching things way too deeply and editing her writing way too much.

James Gaillard runs a sex Q&A blog under the name Mr Promiscuous, where he answers anything you want to know about sex, including weird questions like “when was the first sex toy invented”.

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